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About Vizmato

Vizmato is the quick and easy way to edit all your videos! Add ZING to your movie making with our Instant FX, themes, and filters. 
Vizmato, formerly known as Game Your Video, lets you add LIVE instant FX as you’re recording! With a brand new streamlined UI, VFX, and so many new features, Vizmato is a whole new experience! Vizmato is the perfect video editing tool that allows Live FX along with post edit FX. 

A universal app compatible with all iOS 8/9 devices, Vizmato allows users to add themes, filters, and FX while recording or in post-edit. Once you have finished your masterpiece, upload it to your favorite media platform and check out Popular, the Vizmato social platform.

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Everything is NEW! The user interface is brand-new, a new name, a new logo and a whole new set of features, themes, and filters- all, featuring the latest Apple technology. HD recording in 720p or 1080p at high fps, more than 20 FX in LIVE HD recording, and high quality themes with audio and visual FX. 

The app runs best on iPhone and iPad (with a native iPad interface), and also has a native iPad Pro version! The app now supports both portrait & landscape modes in iPhone 6 Plus, 6S Plus, and all iPads. 

Introducing Viztunes: new music albums that have tracks for every mood. Front-facing camera enabled; go ahead! Shoot those selfie videos with live FX! Vizmato is available for iOS devices; download the app from the App Store.

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About Developer

Global Delight is a leading developer of products for the Mac and iOS platforms. Notable Mac products include Boom, the most popular audio enhancer/audio booster for the Mac  and Voila, an all-in-one solution for screen capture and editing needs for Mac. On iOS, Global Delight is known for having made Camera Plus, a total solution for users’ mobile photography needs with over 22 Million downloads. Game Your Video, a social video-editing app that helps record, edit and share videos in real time with more than 4 million downloads.


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